Denmark is also a favorite country for international people. If you are interested to go Denmark, here are the information of the different kinds of visa of Denmark.


There are various types of  Denmark visas as following:


Students around the world, wants to study in Denmark,  but they don’t know about the right criteria to apply for Denmark student visa. It is important to know, whether you  qualify for the student visa according to the Denmark visa policy. A study visa and residency permit is required to enroll as a student in Denmark.

Every year,  thousands of Pakistani students apply for student visa to get higher education in abroad countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, UK etc. Most of the students don’t know that, whether they qualify for a student visa or not. For this purpose they visit study abroad consultants or search information from the  internet, but sometimes they cannot get accurate information in the right direction to prepare their case.

We have tried our best to make our assessment accurate, but criteria of the points, sometimes changes, this is only the idea of points, that you may get. We do not guarantee that our assessment will give you 100 % accurate result.If you want to submit your student visa application according to the points system, you must review the latest policy of the desired country.


This visa reserved for those applicants who want to do work/business in Denmark.

Business visa application is applicable in case you are travelling for business purposes.Applicants can obtain a Business visa in connection with a Business visit in Denmark.Business visa or a visit visa with regard to a business venture is also issued by the Danish Government. For attaining a business visa, you will need to have an existing business relation with a Danish company.

As a business traveler, who drives for negotiations with his company or willing to start a business abroad, need a business visa. The duration of a business visa is different from country to country.
Business visa has its own eligibility requirements, usually based on a point system, you need to fulfill all the basic requirements of desired country, to start a business. Every country has its own criteria for eligibility, but some general rules are the same. Many steps involved in the process of obtaining a business visa, but the most important and first step is to assess your eligibility for the specific country.


This visa is for those people who want to spend his/her life in Denmark.

Denmark issues, visit visa to meet up with friends, family, relatives and as a tourist. If you fall under the asylum group, immigration group or the tourist group, then you will be in need of a visa to enter Denmark. Usually the visit visa is quite commonly issued by the Danish embassy. But it is important that you should know that whether you can apply for Denmark Visit visa.

Usually the visit visa is commonly issued by the Danish embassy. If, however, your case becomes suspicious with the intent of over stay, asylum or permanent residence, then the visa application will be referred to the Immigration Services, or the application may be rejected.
Specific instances like attending a funeral, visiting a relation on death bed or having been granted a visa on a previous occasion, can surely have an impact on your case.

If you have a bio metric passport and belong to the countries of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia, then you are not required to possess a visa to enter Denmark.

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