People from all over the world visit Dubai to enjoy its cosmopolitan and cool culture with a mixture of people from different countries. Dubai has endless fun with almost every kind of entertainment. Every year Dubai provides great opportunities for immigrants.Depending on the purpose of your travel to Dubai , there are different types of visas that will apply to your situation. Whether you are planning to visit Dubai, study or work or even to settle there permanently, you will have to apply for a different visas, accordingly.

Visitors to the Dubai must obtain a visa prior to travel unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or one of the countries whose citizens are eligible for visa on arrival.


There are different categories of Dubai visa, some are as given below:


UOWD provides a straightforward visa sponsorship service for students not resident in the Dubai . This allows you to study and reside in the country for a 12 month (renewable) period, to cover the duration of your program.

You need to be a full-time student to qualify for UOWD visa sponsorship and to start the process you should have accepted an unconditional offer and have paid all fees due as per you Letter of Offer. For programs of less than 12 months, or for attendance at the graduation ceremony, we may be able to help you secure a short-term (30 days) or long-term (90 days) visa. Please refer to the Visa Sponsorship Procedures for further information.

UOWD student visas (except visit visas) are issued for duration of 1 year. Students may require multiple renewals during their course of study at UOWD. Students are advised to have adequate medical/travel insurance in UAE until their UOWD student visa has been stamped in their passport.

The new visa application process normally takes 5-7 working days and normally applications undergo a security check by UAE government authorities.

This visa is only for those people who are interested in business in Dubai.

Travel & Culture services with its partners in Dubai (Exotic Dubai) offers special services for Pakistani nationals who wish to establish themselves in Dubai and UAE. Doing business in Dubai was a quite troublesome back in the 90s however the UAE government created an innovative scheme where they designated some zones where business-men from around the world can start their own business with minimum investment and enjoy a tax free income for as long as they like. These zones are popularly called as free-zones.

The foreign businessmen can own 100% equity of their company and can set up their business with minimum space and requirements, the government also gives visas for the businessmen and his/her spouse and children

Dubai seeks to consistently be ranked in Top 5 global centers for trade, logistics, tourism and finance and is internationally recognized as the leading financial and trading center at the heart of the world’s Islamic economy. The process of getting a Business Visa for Dubai is rather simple. You can apply for the Visa by visiting any of Dubai Visa Processing Centers in your city. In the alternative, you can also apply for the same online or through a tour operator.

As you can notice, applying for a Business Visa for Dubai is easier than expected. With the help of a few simple steps, you can now fly to the gorgeous city of Dubai with ease! Palmy Beaches and sunny islands are awaiting your arrival!


This visa is reserved for only those foreigners who want to spend some time in Germany as a tourist.

Dubai is the go to tourist destination in the gulf region. Tourism industry is almost 42% of the GDP of Dubai. Due to this very reason, Dubai has made its visa policies completely tourist friendly.
Requirements for obtaining a visit visa for Dubai vary depending on your nationality. GCC citizens do not require a visa to enter Dubai, and citizens of 33 other countries can get a visa on arrival in Dubai. Visit visas for immediate family members can be obtained by residents, You can also obtain a tourist visa for other family members and friends through travel agencies, airlines or hotels.

Validity of visit visa for immediate family members:

Short term visa: 30 days
Long term visa: 90 days
Extensions for an additional 30 days are possible without exiting the country on payment of 570 per visa, before the expiry date of the original visa.

It is important to remember that visa laws can change frequently, and therefore it is always advisable that you check with the UAE Embassy in your home country before you travel.

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