Over the last decade, Brazil has called the attention of foreign investors who want to start their businesses in the country. Besides those who come here seeking business opportunities, Brazil has also called the attention of foreign tourists, especially after being chosen to host major events such as the 2014 World Cup and The Olympics.

Visas are issued to foreigners according to the purpose of the visit to the country.


There are various types of Brazil visas as following:


Amongst the many different temporary visas Brazil offers to foreigners, one of them is the visa for students, known as VITEM IV.

Brazil has different policies for different countries concerning visa requirements. Some common examples are those for professionals attending trade shows and congresses, or even ones for missionaries and clergymen. Foreigners that want to study in Brazil – without any immigration goals or intent to perform paid activities that are not internships – need to apply for a special temporary visa at the nearest General Consulate or Brazilian Embassy. Student visas in Brazil are called Temporary Visa IV, or VITEM-IV.

The VITEM-IV are valid for up to one year at a time, depending on which course the student is enrolled in, and can be renewed as many times as necessary in order for the student to finish the course. The request for extending the visa must be done at a Federal Police Department or at the Ministry of Justice within 30 days before the current visa expires. It is important to mention that those who come to Brazil with a VITEM-IV are not allowed to engage in paid activities that are not internships.

After the student visa is granted to the applicant, the student has three months to enter Brazil. After entering Brazil, the student has up to 30 days to register with the Federal Police Department of the city in which they will live.


You can apply for your business visa yourself. Depending on the individual requirements and location of the country’s embassy, you could face parking problems, large crowds and long lines. Many embassies request that you not call them about your application so you won’t be able to track your progress. Errors or incomplete information on your business visa application form can result in denial of your visa and delay in your plans.The best way to avoid the crowds, the lines and the difficult parking is to contract an expediting service to process your business visa. There are many online. Besides doing the legwork for you, they offer personalized service and online tracking.

Before establishing your business in Brazil, it is always a recommendation to consult a tax specialist to better understand the Brazilian fiscal policy, as the country is known for charging a high tax burden and for having a very bureaucratic and complex regulation.

Also, if you take all your money away from Brazil after the visa approval, you may have to deal with tax matters. If it happens, you will have to explain to the fiscal authorities why the money was taken away from your company.


This visa is for those people who want to spend his/her life in Brazil.A tourist visa is usually much easier to get than other types of visas.

The tourist visa is issued to travelers who plan to enter a foreign country for the purpose of participating in tourism. Those who need to obtain a tourist visa should apply through the consular services of the country or countries they wish to visit. An individual who is unable to visit the consular section or who need to expedite the processing can submit the application form through a visa expediting service.

A visitor who wants to travel to Brazil as a tourist will require a tourist visa to enter the country. Brazil tourist visa is a short duration visa. It permits a visitor to stay in Brazil for up to 90 days per year. It is meant for those visitors who wish to visit Brazil for the purpose of tourism, sightseeing or to visit friends and relatives only.

This visa is activated on the date of a visitor’s first entry in Brazil.

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