Presenting Qatar; the State of Qatar, occupying the little Peninsula on the northeastern bank of Arabian Peninsula isolated through Bahrain by a strait in Persian Gulf. Qatar is facilitating more than 2.0 million foreign workers and giving numerous open doors regarding work and business. Petroleum and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are the foundations of Qatar’s economy and record for more than 70% of aggregate government income, more than 60% of total national output, and about 85% of export earnings.

Doha, the capital of Qatar is a modern day capital with amazing towers and excessive shopping centers and rich framework makes it the finest destination in the Gulf. The best thing about Qatar is that it provides numerous opportunities to whole world and welcomes them.


Qatar offer jobs on a large scale in Doha and other principle urban areas where the biggest job organizations and firms in Qatar are with contact to several businesses, where they offer interested persons a complete infrastructure which can be helpful to shape their dreams.
Here, is the list of mostly anticipated jobs sector which are giving best opportunities for dedicated workers and one should try to cash the opportunity by involving in one of these fields mainly associated with his/her field and aptitude.


Architecture and Building Industry.
Administration sectors.
Money and Banking.
Engineering and Technology.
Electrical Field.
Print and Electronic Media.
Oil and Gas Industry (Petroleum and LNG).
Teaching and Schools.
Employment contract in Qatar.


The Labor Law of Qatar provides a body of regulations outlining the rights, restrictions and requirements of workers, organizations and workers committees. All parties involved should comply with the Labor Law.


As per the policy of every state, Priority in employment is given to Qatari citizens in Qatar also. The Ministry of Labor provides various services to match employers with available workers with required talent. Employers who want to hire non-Qataris or recruit workers from abroad have to obtain permission from the government.
Sponsorship is mandatory for workers from abroad and without getting it they are not allowed to work as per government law.
working Hours without overtime are 48 hours per week and during month of Ramadan reduced to 36 hours per week.

Worker general bodies/committees are also allowed under the government law and can be maintained by workers.
To find the attractive and lucrative jobs to make your career, we are assigning you an index of online jobs,
which are around for you at our site. Choose the are in case interest and make towards you into the direction that you want.

Before accepting a job offer in Qatar, make sure you get a copy on the employment contract, while bound to meet the terms on the particular written contract. Conversely, it is also possible that you cannot receive whatever you expect in case it’s not at all included in the particular contract. Therefore, you’ll have to study every detail mentioned inside contract and negotiate the details.

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